A Road Trip through Pennsylvania

Fall 2020 I took a road trip through Pennsylvania. It was lightening fast, for family business and our destination was actually Georgia. But while we did see some really great…


Six Blind Men

I have a little story to tell, its about a parable that I call Six Blind Men. I try very hard to keep my way out of politics and public…

Dingle Ireland
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Detoxing Your Cleaning Routine

Detoxing your cleaning routine probably sounds a bit like an oxymoron. After all aren’t cleaning products by virtue of existing, already clean? Turns out its super complicated and comes down…


How to Detox Your Water Usage

Why on earth and how to detox your water usage? Its a good question. Most places in the United States have what we would all consider drinkable tap water. It…


Why Eating Organic Matters

Why Eating Organic Matters – An Intro of Sorts Why eating organic matters. Its a big question and in starting to write this series I realized what a mine field…

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