Hi there, I am Sasha. A part time blogger, full time life liver, dreamer of one day being a travel writer…well maybe not a travel writer per say. More like a teller of travel stories. I love history, to read, watch movies and explore new places. I am addicted to ‘ah-ha’ moments and am thrilled when stories I have read, history I have learned and weird crazy facts I have absorbed from goodness knows where all come together in a place I am exploring to create a fully immersed experience.
I want to share these moments and pass on all the random information I have collected along the way about our world. So rather than creating flat high level articles about the top 10 things to do in 24 hours in some fancy far away city, I want to share real stories and experiences about where I have actually been.  And by doing so encourage people to explore life, to get out of their comfort zones and find those truly memorable life giving moments. This blog is my attempt to inspire people to go out and try something new regardless if that is just a new restaurant or planning a trip around the world.
I hope you enjoy my little place out here on the internet, if you have any questions please contact me by email, or if you just want to see more random adventures check out my other social media accounts on my contact page.
Thanks for stopping by!