Devils Punchbowl

The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world, I would say in my opinion but I think most people out there agree. Rocky, cliffs, trees, turbulent seas. It makes for a dramatic and beautiful destination year round. And the Devils Punchbowl just about half way along the coast line is an excellent example. The Devils Punchbowl State Park sits in an area called Otter Rock, just two hours from Portland and right between both Newport and Lincoln City making it easily accessible from quite a few popular tourist areas. Otter Rock itself is a small community that sits up quite a ways from the ocean, providing impressive views from both sides and long stairways down to the beach. The area itself has a surf shop, as well as a coffee shop and a wine tasting location. It is also popular with local surfers.




There are quite a few rentals and restore type rental locations in the area offering a outdoor getaway type experience and a perfect launching point for hiking and general coastal exploring. The real draw to the area however is of course the Devils Punchbowl itself, a open rock formation which at low tide can be walked around and at higher tides offers an impressive churning swirly show of the Pacific Ocean. And even though you can technically walk around the beach area at low tide I would really not advise it. Tides on the Oregon Coast are temperamental, extremely cold and violent and it is very easy to think you are fine and suddenly find yourself stuck or worse. I have witnessed quite a few accidents along the coast where people have trusted a bit too much and gotten themselves into trouble. Admire from a safe distance always please.


Devils Punchbowl


Just up the coast is the Rocky Creek Bridge also known as the Ben Jones Bridge which was built in 1927. It was built, along with many others, on the original coast highway. And funded designed, along with many others, by Conde McCullough at the behest of Ben Jones who was a lawyer and advocate of the area. If you ever find yourself around the middle of the Oregon Coast I highly suggest veering off the main highway to drive some of the original coast highway it the best way to explore gems like The Devils Punchbowl.




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