five things I love about Boston

Five Things I Love About Boston

As promised here is my glowing review of Boston, in the form of five things I love about Boston. We spent about a full two days here, but the first half day was a bit rough, we had bad weather and a lot of things were closed. I spent most of the time being so wet and cold I could hardly think. But our full day dawned sunny and almost warm.

We started the day with a full Irish Breakfast, so thing one I love about Boston is Irish Pubs that serve breakfast, just like the good lord intended. The coffee was great, the breakfast was HUGE, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, tomato, beans, mushrooms, and french fries.

My second favorite thing about Boston is all the book stores. We went on the bookstore extravaganza specially because I wanted to see Brattle Books alley of used books. But as it happened to be raining sideways the books were not in the alley. Non the less we did spend a few hours inside. You probably won’t find any New York Times Bestsellers, but you will find everything else and its amazing.

My third favorite thing about Boston is Polcari’s Coffee shop. And while it could be said that the whole of North Boston is a sight to behold and I would have given up my nice house in the country to live in a cramped crooked apartment just for the atmosphere alone. But there is something very special about Polcari’s and if you are ever in the area you should go. At least twice.


My fourth favorite thing is the Greenway which I of course didn’t get a single picture of. We spent the better part of the afternoon drinking tea, sitting in the sun and watching people pass by. It was a lovely thing to see, especially after the previous dreary day.

My fifth favorite thing is all the architecture, it feels a bit cheap but honestly I could have spent a week just taking picture of architectural details. What the west coast gets right in food, we get so wrong in architecture, so I really love being in places that actually have interesting buildings to look at.

And there ya have it, five things I love about Boston. To be fair I love a lot more than 5 things. But ya gotta be catchy and interesting in this blog game.

five things I love about Boston


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