L.L Stub Stewart State Park – Oregon

L.L Stub Stewart State Park, or Stewart Stubb as I tend to call it because some days I cannot remember what day of the week it is, let alone the name of that “new state park near my house”. But seriously, there is a state park near my house, and that is super awesome! And it only took me nine years to visit it.
You can read up all about the history of the park and here.
I am not sure why it took us so long to make it to the closest state park to our home. Probably just lazy and I do have a tendency to think anything near me just isn’t cool. The cool stuff all lives over “there”, in that other place where I am not.
I have tried to remedy this inclination over the last couple years and explore what my home area has to offer. Given I live in Oregon, near the Willamette Valley, between two mountain ranges, not too far from the ocean and surrounded by lakes and rivers, I feel pretty sheepish for putting these local adventures off for so long.

**Mossy trees on the equestrian camp trail**

A few weeks ago we decided to venture down the highway the 20 minutes required to drive up to the park and I am extremely pleased that we did. The hike was easy and beautiful exactly what you want on a Sunday afternoon. We only did a couple miles between the top view point and the equestrian camp.

**View from the top**

While we were up there we discovered that the park offers camping cabins which are one of our favorite ways to “camp”, so I think we may spend a weekend this fall and hike the whole park over a couple days.

**Summer wild flowers along the trail**

Due to the fact that there is an equestrian camp in the park, there is a lot of horse…evidence. All the trails are multi use from what we could tell we saw lots of other day hikers, mountain bikers and of course horseback riders on the trails.
Additionally as a biker you can use Banks-Vernonia State Trail which takes you through the park. The whole trail is 21 miles one way, the state park being just between the seven and eleven mile marks.
I would highly suggest the park to anyone as a stop through camping on the way to the coast, an easy day hike or even just a leisurely weekend out of Portland. There are tent sites, cabins, and of course the tent site plus horse stalls for the equestrian site. As well as a disc golf course.  Day use and overnight permits are required and can be purchased at the park office, if the main office is closed to the store next to the office can help you with the necessary paperwork.
Where is one of your favorite close to home hiking locations?

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