Memphis Tennisee

I visited Memphis quite a few years ago for a Railroad conference (did I mention I have a weird corporate job?). I am sure I would have made it here eventually on my own but I was extremely glad that this city got a bump up on the priority list since I was traveling there for work.

**I never figured out what this building was but loved the look of it**

When I travel for work I usually try to extend my stay by at least a couple days so I can get out on my own and get a feel for the city.

**Pretty typical architectural details in the area**

This trip two of my close friends stayed with me and we packed in quite a few things in the weekend.

**The best peanutbutter and banana French toast in the world**

My all time favorite thing about this city is the civil rights museum. I am a fairly stoic person, but I was honest to goodness bawling my eyes out through the entire tour. I blame the video at the beginning to the exhibits and the fact that we happen to be there during the anniversary of Brown vs the Board of Education ruling. The remaining living members were at the museum for the day. And totally by chance got the honor of speaking briefly with them.

**Brown vs The Board of Education folks**

If I only had a day in Memphis here is what I would do over:
Stay: The Peabody Hotel
Eat: Cockadoos –  85 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103
Do: The National Civil Rights Museum
Other things worth seeing include eating at the Rendezvous  which I thought was alright, but have had better BBQ in quite a few other states. Graceland of course is a major attraction for the area. I enjoyed visiting but it is wildly expensive for how little the museum is kept up. Beale Street is probably the most popular tourist destination in Memphis but I am not much of a bar hopper so it held little appeal to me.
Have you ever been to Memphis? What are your favorite things in the area or what do you most want to visit if you were to go?

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