The Great British Bakery

Last week I had the pleasure of having tea and chatting with Tash of the  Great British Bakery. Rarely have I had the pleasure of spending time with such a beautiful, and kind woman. Let alone a world traveler, adventurer and incredibly talented baker.
I first met Tash at a local farmers market where over the summer she sells her delicious home baked treats. With only the power of her small domestic kitchen and very little hours of sleep she prepares, bakes, markets and sells her goodies at three local markets a week over the summer months. Where after nearly four years of business she continues to be humbled and inspired by her customers dedication to her business, who line up each week and wait for their turn to pick out treats.

Tash hails from Cornwall England, a small town girl with a heart for adventure who has surfed, yoga-ed and cooked her way around the world to land here in Oregon with a husband and a dog she adores.
I could have spent hours chatting up this lovely woman who is nothing but kindness. Sadly we were both running late and had places to be. In our short conversation I felt like I had met a woman after my own heart. A true kindness with a contagious love for travel and food. I found myself constantly wanting to go off topic to chat about favorite cities and meals around the world.

Tash kindly brought me a beautifully wrapped petite four that I then managed to mangle before I got it home (pictured above).  I had originally planned to take pictures of the various treats I have gotten from the market each week. However, they are as popular in my house as they are at the market each week. Meaning, my husband munched down everything before I had a chance to snap some more professional shots. I would apologize but if you knew how good these were you would have done the same.
Sadly for me, though perhaps not my waistline the farmers markets in the area are coming to a close for the year. This week is the last chance to catch Tash and the Great British Bakery at the Forest Grove Farmers Market, Orenco Station Farmers Market and Hillsboro Saturday Market.

She will however be selling at the Forest Grove Winter Market at the Elk’s Lodge (2810 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove Oregon 97116). The winter market takes place on Sundays from 12-4, the 6th and 20th of November as well as the 14th and 18th of December. Where she promised she would be going all out with some traditional English holiday goodies.
To find out more about Tash you can follow her bakery blog here or her food and travel blog here. Or follow along for news and updates on the bakeries facebook site.
As we wound down our conversation and as she winds down the market scene for the year I asked her what was next for her and the Great British Bakery. She answered with a grin and a sparkle of hope, that she was considering a cookbook or a maybe someday a brick&mortar shop. Lets hope for both because I and the clambering crowds at the local markets cannot get enough of  these delicious British treats or Tash’s irresistible zest for life.


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