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I have mentioned a couple times I am planning a hiking trip in Ireland during the summer of 2018. I thought it might be helpful to post my training schedule leading up to the trip in case anyone else out there is planning a hiking trip in the near future. As I was putting together my plan I realized it is going to be a fairly extensive plan.  I am a “safety first” type of gal so build up is slow and steady over the course of the next year and a half. As such the posts will reflect that progress, so if you are interested in going faster or want some tips for a hiking trip that is prior to mine please feel free to reach out to me.
I should first say that I am not a licensed personal trainer and I hike fairly regularly already. So everything I discuss is to fit my own needs to get to where I need to be in order to safely participate in the hike I am planning. Your current physical state is likely different than my own, and your future hike is likely different than my own, so please proceed with that in mind.
As I mentioned, the general approach I am taking for this training is slow and steady. I hike fairly regularly but if you have been paying attention to the PNW this year you will know our regular “year round hiking weather” has been interrupted by frequent ice storms, snow and record breaking rain.  Needless to stay the last thing that resembled a hike for me what walking around the hills in Lisbon in December, where in normal years I would have been out in the woods almost once a week.
As such, I have started my first month of training in the gym and if the weather continues with the current trend, I will probably be in the gym for another month two before I can start safely hiking in the mountains again. So without further ado here is my year and a half training schedule outline, which I will go into more detail as the year progresses.
(Quarter 1) – March through May:

  • A mixture of light cardio and strength training in the gym.
  • Balance and strength focused exercises at home (I like to do quick 5 min exercise breaks while watching tv).
  • Yoga focusing on balance and stretching.

(Quarter 2) – June through August:

  • Quarter 1 exercises
  • As weather improves, adding a weekly hike of various lengths and terrains.

(Quarter 3) – September through November:

  • Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 exercises but with lengthened intervals and more reps.
  • Weekly hikes getting longer and adding the daypack with realistic weight.
  • Daily walks outside with dog for 1-2 miles.

(Quarter 4) – December through February:

  • Continue previous quarter workouts with added reps and duration.
  • Moving cardio indoors when weather deems it necessary.
  • Hiking outdoors with boots and rain gear during lighter inclement weather to get used to gear and conditions
    •  It is possible that it will rain during my hike. Once I have built up my balance, durance and strength over the prior months I can start getting used to my inclement weather gear in more realistic hiking conditions.

(Quarter 5) – March through May:

  • Continue prior quarter movement but try to take it outside where possible.
  • Continuing to lengthen duration and difficulty when possible.

That’s all for now! Check back once a month for more detailed workout information. I plan to include more detailed weekly plans, specific strength training, balancing and yoga moves as my training progresses.


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