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What a year. I don’t want to drone on about everything that is going on outsides our homes this year, but I do want to pop an idea in your head. The gift giving season is fast approaching and if you are currently in a position to buy gifts how about trying to buy local first. Not at your local box-store, but at your local boutique, corner shop, flower shop, art, hardware, gift, grocery, clothing, jewelry, salon or restaurant. And if you are in a position to buy gifts but don’t feel comfortable leaving your house much well then I have some ideas for you too. So read on for my “lets try our hardest to keep small  businesses open even this year” gift guide, with a few B-Corps thrown in since if we are supporting big businesses it should be the kind that are good for everyone not just the CEO.

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Shop Small Holiday Gift Guide

I most likely do not live where you live so I cannot tell you which stores to go to and what to get whom on your list. But I can throw a few general ideas out at you in the hopes that it sparks some inspiration.

Food items and other consumables are a big hit in my family for gifts they offer a fun experience and aren’t something  you have to store in your house for years to come. No matter where you live there is probably a:

  • Local winery/brewery/distillery
  • Made in <insert state/town> store for local handcrafted jams, jellies, roasted nuts, chocolates or pickles
  • Corner grocery store
  • Favorite restaurants for gift cards
  • Local coffee or tea house, cafe or roaster to buy gift cards, whole beans or coffee mugs
  • Maybe there is a local dairy where you can pick up specialty cheese not only for gifts but for your holiday celebration
  • Farm stores are pretty common in most states just outside cities and offer up all kinds of fun local goods
  • Many towns especially those with any sort of tourism have local candy shops
  • And if  you are lucky an international imports store to explore new kinds of cheeses, chocolates or condiments.

If you are looking for for more permanent gifts or gift cards:

  • Book Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Antique Shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • Music Shops (instruments, lessons or music)
  • Salons for favorite products or gift cards for services later
  • If you are looking for toys and don’t have a local toy store check out tourists shops or hardware stores they often carry items for the little ones
  • Watch out for winter craft markets or flea markets as well, local newspapers, libraries and social media are usually the best places to find local events

And don’t forget to start with local shops for all the supplies on your celebration list:

  • Butcher, meat market, local farms are usually all within reach it just takes a little research to find sometimes.
  • Farm stands/stores are often open for holidays, find ones you want to support and see if they are open or if you can place orders for items now.
  • Again local winery/brewery/distillery for your holiday celebrations.
  • And corner grocery stores
  • Bakery for sweet treats and desserts
  • Flower shop for center pieces and arrangements

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Mail Order Holiday Gift Guide

If leaving your house is not something you feel comfortable doing to get all your holiday items wrapped up then hopefully this list of resources can help you stay safe and still support small businesses or good companies. First consider what stores you do have locally and try calling around to see if any of them have pick up options so you can order and pay online or over the phone so you can still support local without having to be exposed to as many people.

If true mail order direct to your home is the way you are wanting to go then there are still some options that don’t involve my least favorite company ever that shall not be named. B-Corporations are the gold standard for certified organizations that are good for the planet, workers and customers. There are hundreds of companies listed on their directory for every sector you could possibly imagine. But just for good measure some of my favorites are listed below. If you choose to buy from these links the only one I get commission off of is Beautycounter and that is only if you select me as your consultant you are free to shop directly with the company.

Looking for a one stop shop for all your gifts:


Grocery and Food items:


Bath and Beauty:

Books and other gifts:


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